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Manuel Gallart de Cabo

Sep 26, 2022

Copy funcionality from others similar extensions, to have a unique extension.

John Quilé

Feb 7, 2021

Exclude tabs/domains?

I like to keep specific tabs on the far left side. Is there a way I can exclude them from being sorted?

Макс Хоффман

Apr 15, 2020


Answer please on a few security questions:
1. Why your extension needs access to the*
2. Why your ext needs access to my history
3. Why your ext needs access to control themes, other extensions, apps
4. And the same question about controlling downloaded files

wa da

Aug 26, 2019

split is not working properly

i have to click split many times in order to split the desired tabs successfully. Every time I click on it, it includes too many unrelated tabs until after I split for many times...

Gilles Pion

Mar 12, 2019

Stop workin at time

From time to time, suddenly completely stop working: no button has any effect.
Only workaround found: disable then re-enable extension

Clemens Ratte-Polle

Feb 28, 2019

tabsorter2 : sort upside down, mirror?

Should'nt it also sort tabs by turning them around, from back to front, sidechanging, mirrored?
The last may be the first ;)

Rainbow Warrior Princess

Oct 1, 2018

BUG: Sometimes doesn't sort when many tabs are open

When many tabs are open, sometimes nothing happens (doesn't sort) when "Sort current" is clicked.

Goku Gohan

Aug 16, 2018

would be nice if

you could sort by URL
also would be nice if you could isolate by first level sub domain example

as your isolate currently works all 4 of these would pull together in one window and that is rather useful some times but others i'd like to isolate 1 and 2 from 3 and 4 based on their /s/ and /u/ difference
though other times it'd be nice to be able to shift the other direction
as currently this
would isolate seperately from the ones above despite both being due to the m. vs www.

Goku Gohan

Aug 16, 2018

Aside from the one little problem

i other wise love your extension!

Goku Gohan

Aug 16, 2018

When i split a window it locks on

what i mean is that i split a window then split one of those four (i use the four way split) then when i try to split one of the other of the original 4 it grabs a random one from the latest 4

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