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River Wolf

Mar 17, 2024

Broken link URL

Why is link to your website not working

Jason Gomez

Oct 31, 2023

Please make a different icon

Please make a different icon for dark Chrome themes, as the current one is not visible when Chrome has a dark theme.

Timo S.

Feb 14, 2022

Problem mit ä, ö, ü und ß


Wenn ich Textdateien mit Links importiere, werden die Buchstaben ä,ö,ü und ß nicht richtig angezeigt und werdn als Quadrat mit Fragezeichen angezeigt.

If I import text files with links, the letters ä,ö,ü and ß are not displayed correctly and appear as a square with a question mark.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Peter Callen

Dec 26, 2021

Collect and Add Group Tab Info

Would be nice if you can gather group tab inoformation and upload them. I use your extension to migrate between browsers. eg i copied my current Chrome tabs open to Brave but I had to manually regroup the tabs

Jerry Leventer

Jul 2, 2020

Expression of Appreciation for Your Tab-Snap Chrome Extension

Where is the "Make a Donation" button?


Jun 16, 2019

Automatic feature

There is an automatic feature to save periodically a list of tabs?

Bethany Spivey

Dec 10, 2018

Tryng to delete my icons from an app

There are certain files that won't delete and I get a blue screen. How do I fix?

Brian Trease

Jun 13, 2018

Keyboard Operation?

Hi, great extension! Is there any way to use it only with keyboard operation? I created a shortcut (alt-S) that opens the extension window, but I still need to use a mouse to click on the "Click here to get URLs." Tabbing through the menu and hitting "Enter" does not work. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Karen Walters Killian

Aug 22, 2017


I responded to JD Power via email. I went to print out & it was a long email, it shows on preview the entire page, but prints only 6 lines, I want copy for very important issues dealing with the death of my husband

Tony Roger

Nov 9, 2016

url with blank can not be inserted correctly

i know normally url won't inlcude blank in the middle, but for the practical usage, we maybe created the urls in the local files(.csv, .xlsx, .txt, etc) firstly, and then with this extension to open them up(RESTORE->Paste and open list of URLs), so with this example:
" apple+in+supermarket"
the extension will extract only the 1st part, omit the later part, which means:
so it's expected to "add"/replace the "+" symble/conjunction with the blank, hence, the expected url can be opened smoothly without detachment.

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