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A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 7, 2024

Exporting session in Windows 7 systems

In the latest version of chrome for Windows 7, is impossible to export the session in a json file to import it in a different system with the latest version of Chrome. So I can't export my session from the old pc to the new.

Claire Crowles

May 29, 2024

Latest update makes my browser hang for even 5 whole minutes at startup

As per title, with the latest Tab Session Manager update my browser (Vivaldi Browser 6.7.3329.35 , 64bit stable) gets completely stuck for 3-5 minutes when opening. Tabs can't be closed, extensions don't load, webpages don't load, and the menu won't open. Completely unresponsive. After a very long while it gets unstuck. The issue happened precisely when I opened the browser and I could see a new tab notifying that Tab Session Manager got opened, and the issue gets immediately solved as soon as I disable or remove Tab Session Manager. It's a pity because I really love this extension and have been using it for years, so it would be great if the issue can get fixed soon... I don't want to re-enable the addon until it works properly again.

Max Lean Fitness

Apr 30, 2024

syncing sessions between devices and firefox to chrome

I'm signing into this extension on each device, say on one device that uses firefox and then on another that uses firefox. However, when I sign in with my gmail on either account, it says it syncs but then the sessions are different. I can't see the sessions from firefox 1 on firefox 2 on the other computer. How can I make it so it's synced centrally, may be on my onedrive even?

daniel salgado garcia

Apr 19, 2024

tiempo de guardado

necesito la session del 18 de marzo de 2024 en firefox

daniel salgado garcia

Apr 8, 2024

como puedo recuperar sesion de hace 15 dias

tengo session manager en firefox


Apr 1, 2024

As of today, all tabs using tab session manager blocked by chrome

"iaiomicjabeggjcfkbimgmglanimpnae is blockedThis page has been blocked by Chrome

First Last

Mar 24, 2024

how to search for an exact multi word string or an AND of multiple words

It seems when you search for something using your extension it just ORs the words which is NOT very useful. How do you search for an EXACT multi word string (tried putting the string in quotes - Did NOT work) or how do you search a group of words that are AND'ed together (NOT OR'ed)?


Mar 18, 2024

The add one is taking 2-3 Gigs of RAM & 50% of the CPU.

Please see to it

Aaron Redding

Mar 3, 2024

All Saved Sessions Suddenly Gone in Chrome

Today when I woke up and opened the extension in Chrome I noticed all of my saved sessions were gone. The browser was left open overnight. I gave it time but none of them loaded. This happened once yesterday in the middle of using the browser and after disabling and reenabling the extension they came back but when I tried that today they were all still gone. I also tried restarting Chrome and even restarting my PC to no avail. I have a backup of my sessions but it is a bit old a missing many recent ones. Is there any way to restore all my sessions?

Joe Chasko

Feb 14, 2024

No group names on startup, Chrome freezes for many minutes on loading.

When launching Chrome (121.0.6167.185), it loads with blank group names, and takes forever to spool up to 10 GB of RAM usage (out of 40). When the windows finally respond, I close them and relaunch from TSM (Version 6.12.2). That does work with group titles, but same frozen behavior. I have 180 tabs in five windows, maybe 20-30 groups.

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