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Aug 1, 2023

Tab gets muted

When opening a twitch stream tab, the video player (not tab) gets muted, which means that when some other tab gets opened, the previous tab is frozen (because chrome freezes tabs that don't play unmuted videos)

Unsure if this is just a chrome thing. Or if it's possible to make the addon not mute.

Edwin Angulo

May 31, 2023

Default Settings


Is there a way to pre-define settings when installing the extension? We are able to deploy this extension to all users via Group Policy but need to find a way to set a specific date to close a tab so we don't have to visit all user's browsers and change the setting manually.

Maybe deploy the import of the settings via Group Policy or editing a JSON file on the remote computer?

We really appreciate your assistance.

Jethro O'Connor

Mar 15, 2023

Open up tabs in the background?

Is there any way to open the tabs in the background while still giving off a notification without distrupting current task?


Jan 25, 2023

Desktop Notification with sound

Hi, Great extension! I love it for my daily use.
Is it possible to add in a Desktop Notification with sound when it triggers? It would be perfect if there is something to alert for the tabs auto opened.
Make it a optional feature so it suits for everyone uses

Joe Harrison

Dec 2, 2022

Close tab schedule

I'd like to close a tab every day at 5:00 pm, but the extension seemed limited in the closing options. Is this possible?

Andrea Benfatto

Sep 8, 2022

Reduce min interval from 1min to 1sec

Not much to add, sometimes would be nice to close specific pages right after they finish to load, perhaps 1 sec timeout will be enough to cover this use case. Is this something that you could improve or that I could immediately hack with some magic settings?

Trevor Hunsbedt

Jun 25, 2022

Opens Tabs Indefinitely

Upon setting a tab open schedule begins opening an unlimited number of that tab with no ability to stop it, causes Chrome to become unusable

mic cullen (juice)

Feb 17, 2022

Anything between an hour and a day?

G'day mate,
just installed this to try it out, and it looks really interesting. Is there any way to get a tab to open ever 3-4 hours, or so? I'm often finding I want a tab to often several times a day, but not every hour.

Thanks again for your efforts.

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