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José Luiz

Jan 24, 2024

Option "fullscreen" not working

Great work with this extension! This is being very useful.
The only problem I found is that the "fullscreen" parameter is not working.

Adam Barichello

Oct 30, 2023

Tab Rotator stopped working after that Crome update

Hi There. I've been using your awesome extension for a while now. Thank you for making it. But it looks like Google's last update has broken it. It no longer refreshes the content. Are you still supporting the extension and can fix it? Thanks!

Divya Basir

Oct 23, 2023

Tab rotator not refreshing tabs

Tab rotator is not refreshing tabs. If I manually refresh the tabs it will open new tabs without closing existing tabs. I have added "closeExistingTabs": true but still it is not working. Also, I have set image path in the tabs. It opens a blank tab instead of showing any image. I checked image path separately it works but not in tab rotator.
Please help!

Tom Schmidt

Jun 26, 2023

"tabReloadIntervalSeconds" Setting

I am trying to get my tabs to refresh every 15 seconds and I thought I could do that with the "tabReloadIntervalSeconds" setting (example below). Is that not what that setting is for?

"settingsReloadIntervalMinutes": 1,
"fullscreen": true,
"autoStart": true,
"lazyLoadTabs": true,
"closeExistingTabs": true,
"websites": [
"url": "file:///T:/scripts/displaytime.html",
"duration": 60,
"tabReloadIntervalSeconds": 15

Malcolm Wright

May 9, 2023

Automatically start

I want to start the extension when chrome is opened, can I do this?
I've created a link file called on my test desktop cfull.lnk with the settings "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -start-fullscreen
then created a batch file called startchrome.bat with this command line
start "" "C:\Users\drone.user\Desktop\cfull.lnk"
this starts chrome in full screen but the extension doesn't run on startup of chrome.
is it possible to make the extension auto start with chrome?

Bruna Brant

Jul 27, 2022

Tab Rotate not functioning correctly

I update the code with my urls, save a valid JSON, but when I press play, it keeps defaulting back to a sample code. It is not saving or running my code.

André Eduardo Souza Júnior

Jul 26, 2022

Screen change = programming error

It worked perfectly, until one day the screen changed and I can't program anymore, it doesn't show any message or error, it just doesn't work.
How do I go back to the old model or program in this new model?


Jul 12, 2022


Can you add the ability to save a subtitle per tab that is shown with the tab at the top or bottom of the screen. Would only need a few characters say <50, and would need the ability to set the size of the font depending on your screen size. Black background with white text would work a dream. Also the ability to have a digital clock also would be amazing.
This is such a cool tool.

Chad Pontow

Jun 17, 2022

Auto launch doesn't appear to work on MSF Edge, works in Chrome

Initially tested on Chrome browser and everything worked great. Installed it on the Edge browser and the parameter to AutoStart does not launch the tabs like it does in Chrome. Unfortunately, I need to use Edge as the browser in this situation.

Marta Alvarez

Mar 3, 2022

Time Limit

Hello, I was wondering can TabRotate work indefinitely? Or will it close after a certain amount of hours.

Thank you

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