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Vince Wilson

May 25, 2023

doesn't work

not working, luckily i found one that works

Perk Haus

May 18, 2021

Timed restore

I work with a LOT of tabs on a regular basis. Typically, I have 4 or 5 (Chrome) windows open at any time, each having 30 or so tabs. I have started using tab groups and bookmarking those groups, but I would like to be able to "sleep" a group or even a single tab. By that I mean I want to be able to set an alarm of sorts that will close the tab(s), release the memory (Chrome is a memory hog) and then after a certain amount of time, or on a specified date, open the tab again. Optionally, there could be an alert with a brief message which I set when I set the tab to sleep.

Nouman Mashood

May 3, 2021

reopen closed tabs

how to reopen closed 100+ tabs in mobile...?
please give me a solution asap

G reen

Sep 23, 2020

Please escape special characters in titles.

< > & をエスケープしてください。

ВАСЯ пупкин

Sep 18, 2020

Большая просьба!

Нужна кнопка очистки напротив каждого пункта ("x").
Заранее спасибо!

nania r 4050

Mar 13, 2020

صدا قطع شده

صدا قطع شده است نصب کارت صدا لازم است ولی نصب نتیشود هیچ برتامه ای


Sep 11, 2018

Can you change the settings to have more than 25 entries?

The extension is already much better than the chrome default of 8, but it can be better.

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