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Tab Resize - split screen layouts


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Ranjeet Takbhawre

Feb 11, 2024



Jay Prakash Dash

Feb 10, 2024


This app will start in mobile also or not


Jan 24, 2024

Currently unavailbale

Samsund A7 tab

Al Huda

Jan 5, 2024

Aplikasi tab resize

Kenapa saya tidak bisa menginstal aplikasi


Nov 17, 2022

Why do you access our browser history

I was wondering why we should give the access of our browser history to you what is the point related to split screen tab and browser history access ?

Melena De Leon

Aug 8, 2022

undoing a split doesn't restore pinned tabs

if you have pinned tabs, split windows, and then undo the split, the pinned tabs are no longer pinned, but expanded. This is not good UI.

Sherman Shank

Dec 27, 2021

duplicate option

could you add a duplicate option when splite tab? sometimes, just want to open same URL in left and right side to side to easy compare the context. thanks.

Johann Rangel

Aug 17, 2021

Do you have instructions on how to get started?

I just downloaded the extension but can not figure out.

Pattty Kuore

Mar 19, 2021

ogni volta che ci clicco mi apre piu finestre ma non mi sdoppia lo schermo

ogni volta che ci clicco mi apre piu finestre ma non mi sdoppia lo schermo

David Ivey

Mar 19, 2021

Chrome Groups


Cool tool, nd maybe I missed something in the setup, but when I split to two windows, and then undo, all the groups I created for pages are removed.


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