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Ron Mideiros

Oct 31, 2023

Keyboard Shortcut for Last Tab Feature

Great Extension. The ability to add a keyboard shortcut for the 'Last Tab' feature would put it over the top. Thanks for all your work!


Aug 28, 2022

[Feature Request] Additional Tab Opening Position Logic - "Next Right"

This new logic would function very similar to one of the current logics, "Right of current tab". Instead of new tabs opening to the right of the current tab, they would open to the right of the most previously opened tab. Then the logic would reset when a new tab is changed to or launched in the foreground.

Example 1: You're on a Google search result page (Tab 1) and you open three links in background tabs (Tabs 2, 3, and 4; by order of opening).
The orders of the tabs according to each logic would be:
"Right of current tab" - Tab 1, Tab 4, Tab 3, Tab 2
"Next right tab" - Tab 1, Tab 2, Tab 3, Tab 4

Example 2: Same as Example 1, but you then click on Tab 3 and open three more links in background tabs (Tabs 5, 6, and 7; by order of opening).
The orders of the tabs according to each logic would be:
"Right of current tab" - Tab 1, Tab 4, Tab 3, Tab 7, Tab 6, Tab 5, Tab 2
"Next right tab" - Tab 1, Tab 2, Tab 3, Tab 5, Tab 6, Tab 7, Tab 4

I hope this makes sense, please let me know if it doesn't. Do you think that this is something you could add? Thank you very much for your work on this extension, it is very much appreciated!

Paul Van Cotthem

Jun 24, 2022

Feature request: open links to new domain in new tab

Feature request: could you add an option to automatically open links which lead to a new domain in a new tab?

Note: I currently use a separate extension for this ("New Domain in New Tab), but it would be very useful if such functionality would be included in your extension as well. Thanks.


May 2, 2022

Open Link in New Tab

Please Add Function "Open Link in New Tab (Forground)".

Arpad Orfi

Mar 17, 2022

Bug caused by manually moving tabs in certain cases - when opening new tabs or closing tabs

Dear Kristoffer,

There is still a bug when opening new tabs, and how the extension positions those newly opened tabs.
This bug is several months old – I report it now because it only occurs in special cases.
My settings:
“Tab Opening Position: Right of current tab”
“Activate Tab After Tab Closing: Left”

How to reproduce the bug (after you choose the settings above):

1) CTRL+N – open a new window and load some webpage
2) CTRL+T – open another tab and load some webpage
3) CTRL+T – open yet another tab and load some webpage
4) Move this last tab from the last (i.e. 3rd) place to the 2nd place.
5) On this moved, i.e. now 2nd tab, CTRL+click on a link to open a page in a new tab.
6) BUG: as per my settings, newly opened tabs should open right to the current tab, but instead, they open right of the 3rd tab.

Previously you have managed to solve a similar bug (i.e. moving tabs manually causes breakdown of the logic of tab opening position), but maybe this is a special case that still needs to be addressed.

The above sequence of actions similarly breaks down the logic of “Activate Tab After Tab Closing”, i.e. at step 5 when you close the active tab (the 2nd tab), instead of the left tab the right tab gets activated.

Thank you for trying to fix this.


Feb 11, 2022


1. 多一些选项打开新标签的时候自动激活新标签。(如果选择了后台打开其他标签的情况下)
2. 从收藏夹打开的链接可以自动生成新的标签,而不是当前标签。


Nov 18, 2021

New Tab Position

Settings: Tab Opening Position - right, Activate Tab After Tab Closing - order

After the recent round of updates, new tab seems to mostly be opening at the last position, not right of current tab. If I click around to adjacent tabs, then back to the tab I was on, then open new tab, it will mostly open right of current tab. Just fyi.

Thanks for the extension, I love that you update it frequently. Speaking of, is there any chance at all that you can include, even a very brief, changelog? Would be happy with here, github, or anywhere really.

Caspian Roach

Oct 22, 2021

"Last Tab" menu item in the right click menu on document body.

Could you please add an option to hide the "Last Tab" menu item from the right click menu in the document? I personally don't see a use for it so I would like to remove it for myself.


Aug 31, 2021

Activating wrong tab after tab closure

This is related to the previous issue that I described (I get similar issues when the extension is turned on then browser restarted fresh, though I hadn't been able to pin-point until now), but I have been able to simplify the issue for you to evaluate:
- You can start with a new window and for "tab 1" go to any website (with links), let's say
- Open "tab 2" and go to anywhere, let's say
- Click on "tab 1", then right-click to open any link in a new tab. This "tab A" will open between "tab 1" and "tab 2".
- Click on "tab A", then right-click to open any link in a new tab. This "tab B" will open between "tab A" and "tab 2".
- Click on "tab B" (At this point, if you close "tab A" and "tab B" then you will be brought to "tab 1". Expected behavior. But...)
- Type any URL (try in "tab B" and hit enter
- Close "tab B" and "tab A", then "tab 2" will be activated instead of "tab 1".

Only options I have enabled are: new tab opens right of current tab, and tab activated after closing current tab is the previously used tab.

Arpad Orfi

Aug 19, 2021

Closing NOT the active tab at the right erroneously switches to another tab

Hello Kristoffer,

To start off, I think that the “Activate Tab After Tab Closing” setting should pertain only in case the user closes the ACTIVE (i.e. current) tab – not in any other case.

I’ve encountered another strange issue: when I close a tab OTHER then I am on at that moment, then the extension switches to another tab.
My setting are, as always: open to the RIGHT, after close activate LEFT.
So, I click the x button to close ANY OTHER TAB TO THE RIGHT of the active tab that I’m currently on, and instead of the expected behavior of NOT changing the active tab that I am on, the extension jumps to the tab left to the current one.
If, however, I close any OTHER tab to the left, then the current active tab does not changes, as expected.

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