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Spection ion

May 15, 2022

I can't seem to get it to function properly, possibly due to ambiguous setting controls

I'm having trouble getting this extension working properly. For example, after I set the Override New Tab to open any arbitrary URL (such as, save the settings and then open a new tab, I see only a blank page (as I had been previously set in the Vivaldi settings). I do not see the Dictionary page.

But a perhaps a more fundamental issue is that I find the TabMaster setting controls to be somewhat ambiguous. I had expected that to Enable a setting, you move it to the right, and to Disable, move it to the left. But is that correct? I ask because few of the settings seem to change the browser's behavior. For example, if I enable animations and also enable pulsing duplicate tabs then create several duplicates, I see no pulsing. Have you tested this using Vivaldi?


Tyler Riggs

Mar 30, 2022

Blank New Tab?

Is there a way to set it so when you open a new tab it's blank by default? So it doesn't show the open tabs I have?

Michael Harvey

Feb 5, 2021

Suspend tabs now that "The Great Suspender" is no longer an option?

Given that "The Great Suspender" is apparently malware per Google and no longer available, does Tab Master provide any means for suspending tabs until they are clicked on so as to save system resources? I see that there is a "mute" option but that seems to be manual and I'm not sure what "mute" means in this case. Thanks for a great product!

Michael Harvey

Feb 5, 2021

Autosaving sessions

I am, alas, a tab horder and regularly lose tabs when Chrome or my computer crashes. Being able to restore the session from Chrome is hit or miss depending on what actually happened. Restoring the tabs one-by-one from Chrome's History functionality is extremely tedious. Is there a way to have Tab Master autosave sessions at some cadence so that if there is a crash that wipes out open tabs, they can easily be restored en mass?

Gideon Lyons

Oct 29, 2020

setting on start up

Can I set a number of windows to open with identified specific tabs in each window tabs?
Window 1 - email accounts and whatsapp
window 2 - social sites
window 3 - trello tabs

Andre Hames

Oct 27, 2020

Missing Chrome extensions

1. In List mode, TabMaster5000 only shows Chrome extensions that have Options. Extensions without Options are not shown at all. However, in Tile mode all extensions are shown.
Could you show all extensions in List mode?
2. Second problem: how to permanently sort extensions by name (modifying Sort By reverts to default after switching to other list type)

Bhuvanesh Kumar

Aug 17, 2020

tab karban patten open

pattan lock open

Evelyn Englander

Jul 12, 2020

Sort order is not sticky

In table view, the sort order reverts to "Date Added (descending)" instead of using my choice "Alphabetical (ascending).


Miyako Jones

Jun 16, 2020

New tab page sorting option

I changed the setting to "most visited" but it keeps resetting to "last visit", sometimes as soon as I close the menu. It always resets if I close and then reopen the page.

Agent XLax

Mar 17, 2020

Installed Tab Master 5000 and I cannot get it to launch

I ran across you extension Tab Master 5000 and liked what I read so I decided to install it. Since then I do not see a icon for it in my Icon bar, nor does it run. I have checked my extentions page and yes it is installed. At this point I have no idea hopw to fix the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Vivaldi-Snapshot on Manjaro KDE 19.0.2 Testing Build

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