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Adam Spiers

Jan 13, 2024

Is this Open Source?

Hi, thanks a lot for this extension. I can't see any link to the source code - please could you consider releasing this as Open Source, since it will massively increase the trustability of the extension? Otherwise users have to blindly trust that it will adhere to the stated privacy policy without disclosing our browsing history, and but there is no way to easily verify that's the case.

Denis S.

Sep 6, 2022

Is it possble to set maximum tab limit on install

I use your amazing extension for terminal server, and it is difficult to set tab limit manualy. Maybe it is possible to set it with some additional option for all users, lock changing it quantity and possibility of disable extension (remove enabled option from extension settings) Thanks

mark ifi

May 12, 2022

not touching pinned tabs

if it left pinned tabs intact that would be a further improvement in my opinion

mark ifi

Nov 16, 2021

when opening bookmarks en-masse, it only restores empty new tabs

try opening a folder of 20-30 tabs, and when you go through closing the first 12, it will only open 20 more empty ones without the url it's meant to be opening. it might be good to have a second delay before closing the original tabs in the first place

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