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Rob Moody

Dec 13, 2023

max number of tabs

It would be nice if you offered an option to have a maximum number of tabs open. Once that number was reached, it would force you to close a tab before you could open a new one. Also, the color of the tab count box could change as the number went higher or got closer to the max number.

Emerson Prado

Nov 16, 2023

Option "Detect and prompt duplicate tab creation" always enable itself after I disable it

I prefer not to use the duplicate tab detection, because some (poorly designed) services which use the same URL for different usages I have to access simultaneously.
But, every time I disable the detection, it enables itself again.

sebastian wagner

Jul 4, 2022

it does only count all tabs in all windows, not tabs in the actual window

it does only count all tabs in all windows, not tabs in the actual window.
i can go to settings and change that, but it does not change the tabCountIcon behavior :-(

Ayden Sutton

Jun 22, 2020

Developer Question

Hi, my name is Ayden and I am working on developing a tab manager extension and was wondering if I could use some of your code because I am fairly new to js and would love if i could use your code to improve my extension

Mark Krieger

Jun 12, 2020

"Detect and prompt duplicate tab creation." not for New Tab

I love the extension, but it would be great to be able to exclude new "blank" tabs from "Detect and prompt duplicate tab creation.".
I often use these as separators in a window, so whenever I open a new tab it asks me to switch :(


Aug 22, 2019

Locks up system

When this extension is on my system regularly locks up, nothing helps but the power button. Can't move mouse, can't type, can't check what's the problem.


Sep 6, 2018

Tab with audio; separate windows in list

In [very] extreme circumstances, it can be hard to find the tab with audio playing just by looking at the horizontal tab headings. Can you display an icon showing which is doing that?

Also, I often have a set of tabs open in multiple virtual spaces, and on multiple monitors. A breakdown that shows what is where … if it isn't too much effort?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 4, 2018


If you could add thumbnails of the tabs that are open that would be amazing! Maybe even on rollover the thumbnails could double or triple in size to show what that tab is in case the description isn't sufficient. thanks!

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 4, 2018

Make the window taller

Love this so far as it lets me see the full names of all the open tabs. I really wish though it knew I have a very tall screen and there is no need to cause the scrollbar to show up at 530px tall as it makes me have to scroll the window to see all the tabs. Ideally I want to see all of them in one list so I can find possible duplicates. Otherwise it's super useful!

Felix Neumann

Oct 3, 2017

Display tabs in current window in icon

When clicking the icon, the number of tabs in the current window is shown, which is my most important use case for this extension.

Would it be possible to add an option to display this number instead of the overall number of tabs on the icon?

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