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Jiashan Liang

Mar 26, 2022

json pretty print

Big json text is showed in one line, it's hard to read. If it can be pretty printting, it will be very helpful. Thanks!


Aug 13, 2021

Syntax issue on some files

It seems the extension got a problem with HTML entities in JS files. Please check with the extension enabled. The string highlighting is wrong.

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Aug 2, 2021

Do syntax highlighting also based on the headers...?

I'm clueless about programming Chrome extensions, so maybe my suggestion is absolutely impossible to do...
I have a few web apps/webservices that spew out JSON, XML, YAML, but there is no 'filename' associated with the content (i.e. the page shown does not necessarily end in .json or .xml etc.). Instead, the content type is emitted in the header (e.g. application/json for JSON, and so forth). There are many use cases for such functionality, when in reality the application is not intended for humans to read on a browser, but rather for structured content to get passed between application processes. Nevertheless, it's quite useful to be able to debug the output of such applications — as opposed to use a command-line tool sequence such as:

curl -s | prettier --stdin-filepath fake-filename.json | highlight --syntax=JSON --out-format=ansi --style=nord

... which, as you can imagine, could all be replaced by simply placing the URL in Chrome and have Syntaxtic! do everything!

Anyway, thank you for your fantastic Chrome extension!


- Gwyn

Dhananjay Talekar

Jun 21, 2021

Double clicking formatted pages reverts it

Your browser extension is very useful ! Thanks for it ! :)
Only problem I face is - on double clicking the formatted page - it reverts back to previous format. It happens most of the time while selecting text from formatted page.
I hope you will fix it as soon as possible for you.

Simone Zecca

Mar 5, 2020

Support user-defined extensions

Would be useful the ability to add a list of user extension to open as simple text. This would help to read plain text files like for instance ".conf", ".log", ".logs" etc. without downloading on local disk

Johannes Ahlers

Aug 14, 2019

Horizontal Scrollbar not visible

I like this extension very much, but when I open some log files, which contains many very long lines the horizontal scrollbar is located after the last line (outside the screen). You have to scroll to the bottom of the whole page to scroll right a bit and then scroll back and try to find the line you wanted to view former. This is very silly.
Would it be possible to place the horizontal scrollbar on the bottom of the visible area?
Kind Regards
Johannes Ahlers

Brandon Pfeiffer

Apr 24, 2019

Not full height / How to enable wrap?

When a minified CSS file loads, it is removing soft wrap from the page. When out the syntax highlighter the text all displays with wrapping. With the syntax highlighter enabled, only one line of text displays and I have to scroll horizontally for 3.5 days to reach the end of the file. Any way I can adjust this?

Roy Ben-Shabat

Jan 31, 2019

Add file type support

Add *.log files as plain text view.

Gershom James

Apr 10, 2018

How do you use this

I tried all the buttons in the dropdown menu in the adon in the menu bar... nothing works

Matthew Geever

Jan 16, 2018

Case sensitive extensions

I have been using this extension mainly for .patch files, which has been very handy, so thank you for coming out with this!

One thing I did notice is that the extension appears to be case sensitive. I had a few files with .PATCH as the extension name and it did not convert.

Is there anyway you can make a change for that?


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