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Mar 1, 2024

Discord Server or other ways of faster communication platforms links/ invites

Is there any way that I can contact the developer and notice him of bugs, improvements, etc? Would be nice to have, since the only way that I can contact the developer now is through this chrome web store.


Mar 1, 2024

add to playlist shortcuts on both the mini player and the keyboard

subject should be self-explanatory.

Terje Skuggen

Dec 25, 2023

Link to Spotify

Hi, great app! But I can't find the "Enable Spotify-to-YTM popup" button. Am I missing something?

Nikolaj Frey

Oct 25, 2023

Hi there! Fellow YT Dev!

Hi!!!! 🎸🥁

I love music as I'm sure you do!

I'm also a full stack developer! I like modifying and extending google services too. I built this cool subscription manager for youtube called !

I just realised that there was probably someone out there who had created some plugins for YouTube music browser edition.

I was having some thoughts.

I really think youtube music on laptop needs a way to control play/pause status and etc.. from another device, similar to Spotify's functionality.

And another idea I had, was playlist based radio, as you'll notice that when you start a radio off of a playlist, it just picks a random song from the playlist, and starts a radio from it.

My idea would be a shuffle + radio feature, where you shuffle a playlist, but then every 2nd, 3rd, random song, is generated based on the radio algorithm using the previous played song from the actual playlist, etc..

Let me know what you think!

Kind regards!
Nikolaj Frey


Oct 13, 2023

Issue with like button

On the plugin, all music seem to appear as "liked" by default, with the like thumb filled with white, even for musics I'm 100% sure I never marked as liked.
It means that if I do want to like a music, I have to click twice on the like button (once to "unlike" it so it gets back to normal, and once more to actually like it).

It's a very minor issue, but I wanted to tell the dev ! Thanks

Misaki K

Jun 19, 2023


Hello I was charged for this YouTube Music service. I thought this was already canceled as I have not used it at all in over 2 months. I was charged today for this service and would like the funds refunded to me please.

Marion Soda

Jun 10, 2023

Lyrics and Queue

The lyrics isn't loading from the extension.
And the songs in the queue doubled, but shares the same slot

Jorge Szwarcman

Feb 20, 2023

subir mi musica

como puedo subir mi musica


Sep 20, 2022

LastFM Error: This page has been blocked by Chrome ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT
When trying to connect to I get this error: This page has been blocked by Chrome ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT I'm signed into and it happens when I click "Yes, Allow Access" on their Connect Application page after clicking "LastFM Login" from the extension settings.

maria martin

Jul 26, 2022


hello i need a refund there was two charges on my card for the same thing at the same time

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