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Nov 28, 2019

Does not work with Symfony 4


Can you tell me if your extension is working for Symfony 4.X ?

I download it, and try to configure it, but it does not work.

Thank you for your anwser.

JLB blanton-powell

Jan 15, 2016

Which extensions do I need?

I chose Developer after adding many extensions, thinking they are all ok because they're google or offered!! Well too little, too late.... I already have problems on my brand new chromebook...

Is there any thing yall can suggest.... 2015 was riddled by hackers, malware, infections, trojans, viruses, colds and flus (ha!)... 7-8 months of hell and I'm still not ok.... it really took me for a long, stressful, frustrating, I think I'm going crazy kind of year... Man, i9 will be donme with all devices if something else messes me up... what happenm3ed to the good old days when you were covered by the virus protection you JUST purchased... I went thru so many and so on... anyway, all this password verification, 2 step, 3 step, locking every app and phone and laptop...

Just freaking on muy nerves!!!

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