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Daniel Jacobson

Aug 27, 2018

Manage storage of other extensions

OK I submitted

Daniel Jacobson

Aug 27, 2018

Manage storage of other extensions

Doesn't manage storage of other extensions, only websites.

Larry Wolters

Aug 21, 2018

no more storage space

keeps popping up manage storage,when i click it shows do i add more chrome space i am using acer chrome os.
please contact me at:
thanks, larry wolters

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 16, 2017


Hey I really need help with storage an you please help me I don't want to loose my pictures I does e t

Shenck Dragos

Sep 6, 2017

Cookie problem

1. Set Always show the orange icon in address bar, otherwise on the test page the icon is gray.

2. Load a https page that sets more cookies.

3. Click on orange icon, go to Cookie tab. When I press Remove (or Remove All) nothing happens.

4. if I manually add a cookie, it will be deleted

5. I tried to edit a cookie,after changing the content and pressing Confirm, it returns to the old value.

Saikat Guha

Jul 2, 2017

broke fb videos

fb videos like say
are not running after installing this extension.

null object was passed to fb's some function for reading data

The GLaMBeaUx Let's Rap

Mar 14, 2017

i agree with the two previous comments.

Fix it.

Raj Parmar

Jun 20, 2016

Plugin not showing SessionStorage.

The plugin doesn't not activate if the application is using _only_ SessionStorage. It will only show up if something is stored in LocationStorage too.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 27, 2015


I agree with the above comment and I can see cookies are somewhat editable, but you're missing the most important parts of editing cookies & local storage. First off, it's very important to be able to edit a cookies expiration date since that's what people commonly want to change. Secondly, any edits made to html5 storage or cookies HAVE TO have an option to "lock down" changes so they aren't wiped away when the cache is cleared. Advertisers are starting to utilize cookies and html5 storage to initiate pop-ups to circumvent adblockers. Your extension would be the all-in-one solution if you could implement these features.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 22, 2015


I'm not seeing the icon appear on any of my local development sites, even though some of them are storing hundreds of megs of [utf16 compress] data in indexedDB (using localforage). I can't use Chrome to look at the data directly since it just locks up and crashes the developer tools tab.

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