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Lidovino Zarpelon

Mar 19, 2024

Falta de acesso ao buscador

Não estou conseguindo acessar o buscador Swisscows.

Free Dom

Feb 6, 2024

TELECHARGEMENT SUR MON PC : je n'y parviens pas

aucun souci sur téléphone et tablette par contre je n'y parviens pas sur mon PC qui me prose que swisscows soit une extension de chrome; Or si je veux télécharger swisscows c'est pour me passer de tout ce qui est Google dont chrome. Merci de votre aide. Dominique. mon mail
PS : Je suis Français et j'ai fait connaitre et continue de faire connaitre à des amis Suisses votre moteur de recherche

Michael Vosbein

May 5, 2023

Setting vpn up

It is not very clear on how to do this I have two laptops and a cell phone

Rezwan Haque

Apr 28, 2022

Search Results from Bing

I suggest to add Google results. Bing results are very inadequate...

Willa Jabir

Oct 22, 2020

Vivaldi or Brave. Solution

This extension did not do anything in either of these Chrome based browsers when I installed it in both. I resolved the issue by observing the URL when searching on your page.
So, I would suggest this as the manual solution for those wanting to use your search
engine when this extension doesn't work.

not my fkn name fk youtube

Sep 4, 2020


how do i add this to me PC, under settings i cant fin it, google an co are for the bin, thanks

Mr. zs

May 8, 2020

Simple User Manual, Please.

Having wrote the software, you have MUCH better ideas of how to specify "search terms" in order to get the best\widest\relevant search results.
So a quick syntax guide will be most appreciated.

Martin Sterling


Apr 4, 2020


Wie kann ich Swisscows so einstellen, dass es mir Ergebnisse von Schweizer Seiten zeigt und nicht deutsche? Ist für mich, die ich in Rheinfelden lebe, besonders ärgerlich, wenn seitenweise Resultate aus Badisch-Rheinfelden gezeigt werden.

Tor Guttorm Syvertsen

Mar 9, 2020


I find NO SUPPORT for search syntax, preferences, etc.
Swisscows leave no options for me, hence I cannot trust Swisscows!!!

Sean Johnson

Dec 7, 2019

Future Search Engine

This was better than Simply the privacy is outsanding

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