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Ofir Zussman

Apr 2, 2024

Swiping right moves the page backwards! And two left arrows appear, one black and one blue

And swiping left moves forward, showing a black rightward arrow.

Vedant Ravi Alimchandani

Nov 10, 2023

Multiple pages in one swipe

Currently this extensions takes you back by multiple pages if the swipe is long. And also the back action is done before the fingers are lifted up. Please make this more user-friendly by improving on both these points, back action is not taken unless the swipe is complete (the fingers are lifted). This will solve the first problem automatically.

Vedant Ravi Alimchandani

Nov 10, 2023

Does not work on Chrome home page and other chrome pages like Extensions page

Please look into it, it will make this really helpful for linux users

Oliver Badstue

Aug 29, 2023

Doesnt seem to work on Opera GX


Jacopo Paoli

Nov 30, 2022


Thank you sir, the app is working very well and so far is the only one i've found that does properly its job!
Please try to improve it even more, smoothing the transition between pages and maybe showing the "movement" of the old page going away while the new page is replacing it, just like on Mac. That would be great!!

Thank you so much!!

rayan “rayankb92” ferradi

Oct 29, 2022

don't work on linux

it doesnt work on linux

Google apps