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Errol SmytheJun 4, 2024

My on line learning curve is improving day by day. I was surprised to read that Data has always been regarded as an asset and as an asset Data is sold to different companies or organisations. It is important therefore that Data is 100 % correct otherwise it is only as good as the information that can be verified with 100 per cent certainty. This is good. Useless Data helps no one. Useless Data wastes every ones time. Time wasted is time spent and time spent acquiring useless data is time wast... Show more

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Sia HudiMay 2, 2024

Yeah... This used to work. But it hasn't been working for a while now and no new update is being pushed. If you inspect and look at the console, you will see the plugin has a lot of errors. And today, it's completely broken for me and the template ad didn't even display the Swash logo. Not to mention this will sometimes interfere with web3 dapps. I believe in the tech. And I made some money from Swash. But they don't seem to prioritize fixing the browser plugin for now. When they eventually ... Show more

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Behshad MoradiJan 19, 2024

Due to the small number of users, it currently gives a small reward I hope one day it will reward users a lot

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gusto841Jul 23, 2023

Even on aggressive mode with the new tab being hijacked and a fixed floating ad on every page opened and not blocked by ad blocker or other apps is not generating any revenue for days . It's disappointing seems the plugin is installed and running always on my main browser that i use everyday but yet the wallet constantly displays 0 to claim. I guess it's time to search for an alternative/competition and redirect all the traffic generated to them rather a dead app.

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Nicolas NicolasJul 20, 2023

the extension keeps opening a new tab all the time. Please fix

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Ilia MorozovJun 9, 2023

cool wallet, works very fast. nice to use. you can withdraw money both on xdai and erc20 networks. very good project

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ryap12Jun 9, 2023

I have been using SWASH for more than a month now and so far it's a great chrome extension for staking some crypto $SWASH while you all ads to run through your computer. It is safe and I believe there will be more products available for Swash in the future.

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Seyam khanMay 15, 2023

Slice ( ) is way batter and with unblock origin ( ad blocker ) ( ) I only get ads that I pay for.

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William GaranaFeb 24, 2023

Very good extension for passive income, but it wont accept the OTP for phone number verification, always showing the error "the record already exists" (have tried multiple times) which is a dealbreaker since to move earned swash coins or anything you have to verify the phone number too and you can't login to the website in order to verify the phones number from there. Please fix it ASAP!

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Derick SeneyFeb 5, 2023

So just to be clear this extension has a built in key logger....I for the life of me cant understand how anyone especially those who invest in crypto would grant permission for any kind of application to install a key logger. For those who dont know a key logger actually keeps a record of every key stroke you make. Every letter, number, space or symbol meticulously recorded. The level of insanity that a person would need to allow key logging on a device they use for web 3 has my mind blown... Show more

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