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Dan Popovici

Oct 25, 2018

Shortcut Access

The listed shortcut (Ctrl+E) automatically brings me to the address bar instead of Supertabs. How can I change that? Thanks!

Yuyao Huang (Joey)

May 13, 2018

I think you met the same problem as me

I find that SuperTabs met the same issue as i met before, sometimes when you click the icon, the popup won't open as expected, it will open and minimize immediately, i have resolved it before in my extension, maybe it will be a reference for you. the code as follow repo:

Lemon Zhang

Jan 22, 2018

Focus on the search box


Could the extension focus on the search box automatically when I activate it by shortcut?

Danny So-Haeg

Jan 20, 2018

Why is the "Options" part in the menu grayed out?

I'd like to add a keyboard shortcut but can't access "Options"

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