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Mr. Lance E Sloan

Feb 21, 2024

SuperCopy conflicts with Netflix, disables its keyboard shortcuts.

This extension seemed to be good at first. However, later I discovered that it breaks the keyboard shortcuts in Netflix. Why? Why would it do that? I don't know. I only noticed that keys for play/pause, forward/back, etc. didn't work in Netflix any more. I signed into Netflix from an empty profile without extensions and the keys worked again, which tells me an extension was to blame. So, back in my usual profile, I disabled all the extensions and verified Netflix keys worked again. Then I enabled extensions on one by one until Netflix keys stopped working. That happened right after I enabled this extension. That tells me this is a buggy extension.

Ken Klippen

Jan 29, 2024

Super Copy Does Not Work

I've tried to set up Super Copy but it does not work. Is there another way to sign up?

Joe Tang

Jan 23, 2024

Does not work

try this website, does not work at all:

Guadalupe Contreras

Nov 27, 2023


Actualizar chrome web store y descargar apps

Rami Ejailat

Feb 21, 2023

Thanks for the great extension. It doesn't work on this website, here's a sample page:

They have disabled selection in CSS in two locations. In the first location, they specified rel="preload" which is causing the problem.
<style rel="preload">
* {
user-select: none;
*::selection {
background: none;
*::-moz-selection {
background: none;

They repeated the above but without specifying rel="preload", and the extension can handle this one.


Nov 8, 2022

CSDN的垃圾登录会弹出来 开启破解后无法关闭这个登录窗口

CSDN的垃圾登录会弹出来 开启破解后无法关闭这个登录窗口

Emoh Denis

Nov 8, 2022

copy and paste to chrome on tablet in active

unable to add copy and paste to chrome on my tablet.

sharon mor

Oct 17, 2022

Super copy extention

I tried copying the telephone no. from this webpage:
the extension didn't work.
Why? What to do?

oktay usluoglu

Jul 13, 2022



first name last name

Jun 25, 2022

app interferes with page functionality

Your extension allowed me to copy text from a chat. Finally!
The problem I have is that when enabled, it interferes with the chat links an general functions of the whole page. Once I disable ur app and refresh the page all comes back to normal except I can't copy text...
I find copying text is not so straight forward; I have to keep the selected text and use ctrl+C because right clicking the mouse deselects the text.

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