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A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 9, 2016

show task duration in icon?

would like to see the icon updated, each minute, with duration of current task.

Stephen Curran

Oct 1, 2014

Mac Menu Bar version

This is perfect for me, but would love to access it from the Mac Menu bar rather than Chrome.

Nice to be able to export the data (one of your existing to dos) and to be able to add notes, but those are mere quibbles.

Nice work!

Susan Y. (Jahanna Fairywraith)

Jul 6, 2014

Super timer not working

The icon is to the right of my URL bar but it is inactive and wont open so I cannot use it. This is the same as other Chrome extensions I have. They are enabled but the button icons are inactive and I cant get anything to work!

Cadance Bell

Feb 4, 2013

Icon during tracking


It might be a nice idea to change the icon on the Chrome bar to indicate a timer is active.


Josh Deltener (Work)

Jan 2, 2013

Running icon

It would be swell if the toolbar icon changed when a timer is running vs not.. That would help people remember that it's still running.

Bonus points would be if it was slowly animated (clock hands moving)

Josh Deltener (Work)

Jan 2, 2013

New Timer Bug

If you remove the last timer, you actually have to click Clear Timers to add a new timer?! Clicking on NEW TIMER should create a new timer!

Hillarie S

Nov 14, 2012

no reaction

it opens to show option buttons, but tapping the buttons does nothing. If you try to open from the options in the drop down box, pressing options does nothing. It worked when first installed last week, but now does not work at all.

Morning Ellergrace

Sep 19, 2012

No reaction from timer button.

I can't even open the timer menu.
It may have had something to do with having installed a new theme, but I cannot validate that hypothesis with anything more than
I happened to install a new theme just a couple of days ago.
I've uninstalled the theme, and all other extensions and restarted chrome and still no reaction from the timer button.
Email me for any kind of data I can provide about my browser, system, etc.
Glad to be of any technical help in this you might need.

Jaemi Kehoe

Sep 18, 2012

Stopped working

This was working great for me the day I installed it, then this Monday when I came back to work, I'm unable to add a new timer. I hit the button and nothing happens.

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