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Supatabs - OneTab on Steroids

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30 ratings

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Internet Office CRMJun 26, 2024

Oh, thank you! How many times I click OneTab icon and it sends all open tabs to OneTab without any question. I like it!

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Cameron S.Mar 4, 2024

Good extension that works pretty well and doesn't lag unlike some other tab managers. However, one very annoying thing about this extension is that there's no way to immediately save a tab to an existing Supatab group. Instead, I need to first save the tab to Supatab, and then open Supatab and manually drag and drop the saved tab into the group I want. It would be great if I could just click on the Supatab icon, and have some setting like "add tab to group -> (group name)". I hope this featur... Show more

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David SillerFeb 1, 2024

Really, one of the best extensions in this segment/with this functionality. And all that for free! However, an absolute no-go: During the update ALL OPEN TABS have been MOVED TO THE SUPATABS-page. How. Dare. You! All the grouping is lost and now I have to organize > 50 tabs again. Rethink your update process! Urgently!

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Jonathan BraatDeveloperFeb 6, 2024

Hi David, glad you like the extension. Updating the extension does neither close nor save any tabs from your Chrome tab strip. Supatabs only closes tabs when you save them. There is an option to disable closing tabs tabs when saving to Supatabs, which you can toggle on in the options. Hope this helps, if you need any further assistance don't hesitate to create a bug report via the link in the sidebar.

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Ratul ShamsJan 29, 2024

A few feature requests and bug fixes to get 5 stars: Feature requests - 1. When someone clicks 'send all tabs on the left/right to supatab' it should send the appropriate ones without opening supatab 2. Should have option to stop duplicates Bug fixes - Often the option in context menu does not show - need to open context menu multiple times

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李麥克Dec 20, 2023

Supatabs - OneTab but 10x better! ←This Is For Real!

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Kiro KiroNov 6, 2023

onetab does not allow duplicates while Supatabs allows duplicates

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Clemens Ratte-PolleOct 12, 2023

What does it do??? Remove all my tabs to what? Where are my tabs then? I do not use this without explanation above

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Jonathan BraatDeveloperNov 4, 2023

Hey, Thanks for your review. Supatabs saves your tabs into a list of links. You can view the list by opening Supatabs via the extension icon or the keyboard shortcut Alt+O (Windows/Linux) and Option+O (Mac). Here is a video of all the functionality and how to use Supatabs:

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Tom JanSep 17, 2023

Is it possible to make 'master-groups' that contain other groups? If not I would like to suggest this feature, it would be perfect if these could also be minimized :]

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Allen NikkaAug 3, 2023

Wow - I love this. Its the upgrade to OneTab that I'd been waiting ages for. Well done!

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AHMed SAMirJun 26, 2023

supatabs is a good and reliable extension so far, Well designed and working fast, thank you for ur hard work. but there is a room for improvements as usual. supatabs needs this features to comply with workflow needs. 1. showing tabs count in every group, and total tabs count in all groups, For acknowledgement and easy management 2. saving selected tabs from tab bar to new group, "selected tabs" not tabs on the left or tabs on the right 3. moving multiple tabs from one group to another, not... Show more

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