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marouf sultanzada

Mar 27, 2024


it has a problem. it stop working for a week. first was the best and now it is not working at all. any sugestions please

ad da

Feb 6, 2024



Andrew Harvey

Dec 17, 2023

Feature suggestion for ChatGPT summary tool


I hope you're doing well.

I like your extension over others because it loads the context of the search results into ChatGPT before creating the response.

The feature I would suggest is adding the ability to continue the conversation. This might look like a field at the bottom of the summary where you can type a follow up question. This text field could appear by default or only when a button is clicked to open it.

Other ChatGPT search tools have this feature, and this would make your extension more competitive with them and more feature complete.


Brett Lynden Everingham

Nov 21, 2023

Google Home APP INSTALLING Issues and linking to Google Cast Device generation 1 or 2

Can't Chromecast HDMI Issues -issues

Juan Pablo Campos

Mar 7, 2023


Hi Developer,

I wanted to reach out to you because I really enjoy using your extension all the time. It's one of the best and most complete ones out there. However, I'm having a couple of issues with it. For some reason, it's asking me to do the Cloudflare check almost all the time, but when I do touch it, it doesn't always prompt me to do so and just opens ChatGPT normally. Additionally, I have set up the extension to delete chats with ChatGPT automatically, but they never get deleted, and my page gets filled up with conversations, which is quite annoying.

Could you please take a look at these issues and provide a solution? I appreciate your work and hope that you can help me resolve these problems.

Thank you very much.

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