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Bruce Simmon

Jan 12, 2023


I see that the app has not been updated inence July, 2021. Is it still being supported?

Mike Drilling

Mar 13, 2021

Font size

This is a terrific extension that I just started to use. But as others have suggested, some of us old guys have trouble reading the small font. It would be wonderful if we could enlarge it.

Wayne Holly

Jul 22, 2020

Summary is cut off on right side

Every time I use the extension, the right side of the summary cuts off the end of each line. I thought it might be because my screen zoom is set at 25%, but it does this even with the zoom set to 100%. Any suggestions?

Veeresh Devireddy

Jul 22, 2020

Custom Text Summary

Instead of full page text, can you give an option to copy-paste some text and then summarize it?

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