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Feb 16, 2023

Google Chrome issues

It won't run
messages is ngigalmiikbffkcabedaikboeodibhga is blocked
This page has been blocked by Chrome

Lou Collins

Nov 11, 2021


Great extension but would like more options for changing wallpaper i.e. every hour, every day etc...or keep a favourite one indefinitely.



Sep 8, 2021


Hi hi!! I'm just wondering if the notes save even during updates? I noticed that other extensions don't do that and I need to save my notes for my writing. Thank you!

Arissa Nagava Inoue

Oct 7, 2020

integration with google calendar

Hey! I really enjoy to use your widget, it's amazing! But my google calendar stopped syncing and when I try to integrate again it just keep loading. I reinstalled and now I can't integrate my google calendar and todoist


Oct 4, 2019

link on

Hi guys! I really enjoy to use your widget! And I was very surprised when I found link to where I can download wallpaper which I see right now on my screen. And few days ago I saw a beautiful picture but I did't find link to at the center of the bottom of the screen. Can you fix this if it's bag or answer why did you delete this function?


Jul 18, 2019

Crashing on ChromeOS

This extension corrupts when being going on to the Chrome new tab page ChromeOS (ASUS C213NA)

00 Bryanwilliamlive

Jun 14, 2019


how can i add my very own custom wallpaper

Guillaume Rondet

Feb 18, 2019

Bookmark widget

Hi, i really think your extension is the best on the store for the new tab feature, thank you and congratulation.
I am just sad loosing my bookmark in the center of the center of the screen.
What about creat a bookmark widget ?

Ramesh Mhetre

Aug 30, 2018

Its not working with my chrome.

Its not working with my chrome. I tried repair but not. I can see it corrupted . what could be possible problem?

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