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Apr 22, 2024


No video found on this page!
To add subtitles, please go to a website containing a video and try again.

lili “Lilou”

Apr 3, 2024

difficulté sous-titre

Bonjour, j'ai téléchargé substitual, une extension sur chrome pour lire vidéos turques sur youtube. C'est un parlé en arabe. Je n'arrive pas à obtenir le sous-titre en traduction française alors que c'est bien coché. Pouvez-vous me dire comment y arriver, svp. Merci.

Romain Varnier

Feb 28, 2024

impossible to uninstall the extension

Hello i don't need it anymore but i can't manage to delete it from chrome
Could you help me?


Feb 24, 2024

Dual subtitles suggestion

This extension is life-saving. But please, allow to add dual subtitles! It would help people to learn languages more effectively.

Chi Bottaccini

Dec 22, 2023

not working on START streaming

Hello, I use streaming service for streaming current Russian content. It natively shows Russian subtitles and I can use Chrome's built in translator to switch those subtitles to English, but I'd like both at once.
With Substital it says it detects the video and I click on it and nothing happens. Can you help by supporting this site better?

Avi Volah

Oct 22, 2023

problem downloading subs

in the last 4 days or so, im getting this message: "Could not download the subtitle Please try again in a short time." over and over.

Maio Parlato

May 28, 2023

The subtitles slow down while playing??

I've googled this thing and I haven't found any confirm so I'm wondering if I am imagining things. anyway it seems like with perfectly fine subtitles they start in sync but while playing they somehow keep getting slower and out of sync. I've paused the video for a moment or two clicked here and there and the subtitles were back at the right place. not sure what is going on...

wilkosz véronique

Apr 27, 2023

Installation sur téléphone Android

Bonjour je n'arrive pas du tout à installer l'extension sur mon téléphone. Je l'ia mise sur mon pc mais impossible de la mettre sur téléphone comment faire merci

Veronica Karen

Apr 25, 2023

Denies ability to change watch speed or change settings

This is an issue. When the Substital application connects to your video, it takes over the whole thing and you can't change the playback speed. This is a massive inconvenience, in comparison to +sub and suberflix.

Venkat Sai Kartheek Mallareddy

Mar 14, 2023

video playback speed

video playback speed is decreased and audio is also is in slow motion

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