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Josh Vaughn

Aug 12, 2023

'Connection failed ...'

I installed the extension on Brave v1.56.20. Tried my first test on selected text on a website. The sidebar panel opened ...

- Connecting to ChatGPT, please wait...


- Connection failed. Please open the ChatGPT website manually for verification and then continue here.

ChatGPT doesn't like my VPN up, sometimes will not let me log in until I turn it off. Then I restart the VPN after login and it works fine.

This time I turned off VPN ... logged in manually to ChatGPT ... kept the VPN off ... refreshed / cleared cache on my test website and tried your plugin again.

Still not connecting. I generally don't have connection issues on this machine and browser. When I do its almost always a simple VPN issue that corrects when I change servers or just temporarily turn it off.

Looks like a great plugin, super useful hope I can get it working thx 🙏🏻


Apr 1, 2023

Can't access it while reading pdf files from computer

I am not able to use it while reading pdf file from computer but it works if i'm opening any pdf files over internet i hope you get it.

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