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April Fastek

Apr 11, 2023

Weird glitch with Google Docs

Hey, so I've been having issues inserting a hyperlink in Google Docs, and today I disabled Styler during my troubleshooting process... and suddenly the problem with hyperlinks was solved. I'm on the most recent version of Google Chrome, on a fully updated Windows PC. This might be the weirdest bug I've ever seen, and I thought I'd let you know, in case it's not just me. I use your extension *constantly*, so I'll also take this opportunity to say thank you.

Kuria Ndungu

Dec 20, 2021

Styler for Firefox no longer available

Hello. Styler is the fastest i've seen so far. It however is no longer for Firefox. can we get it back please?

Charly Empire

Jul 14, 2021

js inject gets reset upon refresh

Running into this issue for some weeks now: When I copy/paste a new js script into Styler js box, it gets overwritten with the previous box content upon page reload.
FYI: If I press the Run button directly after the copy/paste, it uses the new version of the js script. I am still below the 8000 char limit.

Josh Thomas

Jun 17, 2020

Bug Not Saving New Additions

I have made several attempts to save my new CSS for a site and after page change or refresh STYLER reverts to the last saved data and loses all my new CSS :-(

Santhoshkumar Anbalagan

Aug 3, 2018


what purpose need to use this styler

Alex Ndefo

Jul 31, 2018

Missing javascript field

Missing javascript field

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 30, 2018


No longer have the option to inject javascript, only css. Is this intended ?

Louis Hong

Jun 25, 2018

Website with custom port doesn't run JS automatically


causes JavaScript to not run automatically.

Tyson B

May 14, 2018

A list of pages that have edits

I would like to be able to see a list of the pages I have edits on. Be able to click into and see the edits we have for those pages.

Phillip Bauer

Nov 8, 2017


Can I somehow specify the URL that my custom styles are applied to?

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