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May 20, 2024




Mar 15, 2024

Suivi des e-mails

Streak pour Gmail est capable de voir si nos e-mails sont lus mais est-ce qu'il est capable de fournir un accusé de réception ?

justine favour

Mar 9, 2024

Downland error: undefined

Please I don't understand why the extension cannot be added its showing download error undefined
This is really annoying please what can be done??

Saidul Islam

Feb 19, 2024

Extension problem

Mobile chrome not to install extentions but why or how it fixed

Steven Sixco

Oct 9, 2023

add to chrome

i am not seeing the "add to chrome" option on the page

Shadi Qamshani

Aug 16, 2023

Sign in

I can't sign in while I'm sign in no pipile

luigi mariani

Aug 2, 2023

posizione lettura

streak indica 62 come posizione di lettura mail
cos'è ?

Mes Petits Crayons

Jun 5, 2023

Freezing my I7 laptop

Hi !

Since few months, you extension freezing my laptop. I can run adobe premiere, photoshop and illustrator without freezing, but when I have a window of gmail with our extension actived, a lot of time I have big freezing. I kill Chrome process from this windows and it solve everthing. For other gmail windows without streak, sounds good. So, what is the problem ?

Aminata Diawara

May 5, 2023

I am not seeing streak in my Gmail anymore. Please advise

I am not seeing streak in my Gmail anymore. Please advise

Lisa Costello Voice

Apr 17, 2023

Streak pop up

The streak pop up will not go away unless I delete the extension - which I do NOT want to do. I want to keep using Streak without the ridiculously huge icon blocking up my screen just above my inbox - sometimes prohibiting me from being able to click on that particular area of screen. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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