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Signora Jones

Oct 27, 2023

yearly amount that has to be paid

is there a fee for this app if so i kinda like the puppy in the window, old saying. really is their a fee.

Thank you
Signora G. jones

Anya Komi

Mar 17, 2023

Glitching Problem

It glitches even when I have one. No, like, it stops moving when it's running. It just stays there. Please fix. Or I'll have to unstall (and I really don't want to!)

Marit Leonie

Apr 1, 2021


when i want to install this extension it asks for permission to read all my data, and I try to be careful online so i'm not installing it yet. but i wanted to know why permission to read/acces my data is needed.


Dec 3, 2020

tabs and websites

what websites can i add the kitties to. it seems not to work on the basic websites like the home page to google and youtube.

Google apps