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c o

May 23, 2024

View date and time, filter/separate Stories

For FB and IG: Add an option to see the time and date the Story was uploaded and the remaining time before the Story expires.
For FB: Add an option to filter/separate Stories from Friends and Liked Pages.


Tsampos Di’Emmanuelo

May 16, 2024

Problem on fb

Hi there! Not working today. Please fix it, not all stories are showing on facebook.


Mar 5, 2024

IG search error, logs me out

I get an error when using the IG stories search. When pressing enter for the search, Instagram gets logged out at once. The search shows the message "No stories. Something went wrong :(". This happens every time. Please help?


Dec 11, 2023

Extension is not working.

Hey there team, I hope that you're a great day, 1- I would to know if you have a paid version, 2- the extension is not working every time I get into the click extension the extension puts on (log in instagram account). Greetings.

Best regards.

Karl Regelfild

Sep 28, 2023

Extension Purchase Offer

Hi, my name is Carl. I like your extension and I would like to develop it. I'd like to buy it from you. Could we talk about it?

Tsampos Di’Emmanuelo

Aug 4, 2023

FIXED! yeaah!

Hi sir! thank you very much for support and response! The problem fixed!! The new version of extension work fine!

Tsampos Di’Emmanuelo

Jul 31, 2023

Its not work! video not download!

If story is video , then extention cant download it ! please sir fix it!

Alex Grin

Jul 30, 2023

No stories. Something went wrong

the stories stopped opening. writes No stories. Something went wrong :( search by location and by tags is no longer possible

Tsampos Di’Emmanuelo

Jul 27, 2023

Its not work!

If story is video , then extention cant download it !

Geo B-o-x

May 27, 2023

Modify saved file name

Any chance you can modify the addon to save the file with a filename that includes the date/time the story was posted? Maybe something like "{username}_2023_05_27__09_14_36.jpg". The addon would be perfect then. Keep up the great work! :)

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