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Joan Llano

Dec 16, 2016


When the time reaches 10hrs, the number on hour's place remains 1. When you're on a Windows computer, it doesn't matter as when you hover the mouse over to the app's icon in the taskbar, it shows you the correct time. The problem is when you're on a Chromebook (as myself). I've tried all steps I can think of but it didn't work. Adding another decimal place for the hour timer will GREATLY improve this app.


Nov 21, 2015


Can you add some night colors too so the entire watch is dark & the numbers are like blue or green over a black or dark grey background?


Oct 1, 2015


Could you consider adding an option to make this application fullscreen?

Leon Bible

Sep 19, 2015

Update problem

Just saw the updated version and the window at the bottom seemed to have a gay flag color on it task bar at the bottom.

Was this intentional?

I just removed the app.

Bas Hennekam

May 28, 2015

Chrome notifications

Show timer/stopwatch in a Chrome Notification.

Bas Hennekam

May 28, 2015

Page refresh

Save times locally, so after page refresh everytime continues

Bas Hennekam

May 28, 2015

Lap times

Fix keyboard issue

Bas Hennekam

May 28, 2015


Timer functie

Paul Armstrong

May 12, 2013

New feature suggestion

Could you add a time set feature, e.g. start the timer at a pre determined time, say 45 minutes.
Useful for timing goals in football matches without having to continually add 45 minutes in the second half.

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