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Steven Z

Oct 1, 2021

Always on top feature does not work

Always on top feature does not work.

AP Srinivasan

Mar 29, 2021

Negative time

Does the timer have the option to countdown into negative once the timer runs out?


Oct 12, 2020

Not working in Chromium edge

Please look into why it is not installing in chromium edge.

Mick Haugen

Mar 28, 2020

Is Stopwatch & Timer+ available for Windows 10 Pro?

I just see it for Android. I have the non + version installed on my PC, but would like to upgrade to + to run multiple timers on the PC. Thanks!

Remi Bak

Jan 16, 2020

no launch icon

Is there any way to have a quick access icon?

I don't understand the comments like - "pin it to start bar just like minimize and access easily" how to do that? it's not so easy...

S7erling 69

Dec 29, 2019

Changing Timer sound

Ditto j8av8r - Jun 18, 2015.

How can I select a better sound? One that will catch my attention.
I'd like to be able to adjust the volume as well.
There doesn't seem to be a built in help option.
I hate to have to replace it because it doesn't meet my needs but
that seems to be the direction I'm going in at this point.
nice GUI but I need to be able to adjust \ customize the settings.


James Tsuruta

Jan 11, 2018

How to start app?

I've installed your app, love it by the way!

I don't see an icon for it. How can I start it?

Nicholas Wright

Jun 16, 2017

is there an icon shortcut for chrome menu?

Seems like a great app, but I'd really like an icon shortcut for the Chrome Menu Bar. That's how I prefer to access addons, rather than opening a new tab and going through the Chrome apps page. It's just faster and cleaner.

gopalakrishnan ms

Apr 25, 2017

Event name

I would like to have the option to name an event or a lap which is very useful when multiple timers are on.

Dean Lawrence

Mar 26, 2017

keyboard shortcut

Great timer,
Would be great to add some keyboard shortcuts if possible.

Start / Stop

Reset and Start again (1 shortcut that executes both actions (I mostly want this for countdown times, but would be useful for stopwatch too)


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