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Aug 28, 2020

disables all scrolling on some sites

i searched for an extension for this particular annoyance after ending up in, but instead of disabling the smooth scrolling on the site, i can't scroll it at all with the extension enabled (both mouse scrollwheel and keyboard arrowkeys are affected)


Aug 27, 2020

Conflict with popular youtube interface enhancement extensions.

Tnx, for this useful ext! A little problem: this ext partially disrupts functionality of some popular youtube enhancement extensions . I have tested "Magic Actions", "Enhancer for YouTube" and "Youtube Mouse Controls, all of them lost keys-mouse control features when "Stop Smooth Scrolling" is active. For example: volume change with mouse wheel feature stops functioning. Unfortunately, chrome options for ext access controlling are missing site blacklist mode.

Denis Maslakov

Oct 8, 2017

Google sheets problem

If you have problems with google docs, just add into whitelist.

Ed Hayes III

Aug 23, 2017

Google Sheets not working

I cang use arrow or scroll to move up and down on google sheets. is in the whitelist. Disabling the extension solves the problem.

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