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Lisa Bader

Jun 7, 2023

Can't access Stock Track

I have the same issue as someone else mentioned - no button on C Tire website or in my case - on Walmart or anywhere! What do I need to do to get it back? Thanks in advance!


Sep 5, 2022

Canadian Tire

Hey, thanks for the plugin, I love it.
I can't seem to get to the button on the new canadian tire website. Not sure if it's just me or if the plugin is broken on the new one.


Chris Wehbe

Dec 22, 2020

Price & Stock checker

Hey there,
Thank you so much for putting in the effort for this software.
I'm part of an ecommerce community that would benefit immensely from your software.
My community members pay upwards of $15 monthly for software that provides similar functionality to yours (as well as other functionality).
I would be happy to discuss a premium version of your software that I can help you get subscribers to, and I would even be happy to work under your instruction to help you develop any required changes.

The changes that can be monetized would be:
- UPC upload functionality for bulk tracking and/or ability to save 100s of UPCs to check prices and stocks at a glance
- Email notification if price changes by x % and/or stock falls below y (x and y are manual input) . After a notification is sent, a flag can be set to avoid further notifications until the user resets that flag.

Jason Chu

Nov 18, 2020 not working

Get the sku not found message, but sku is there.
Probably changed id, please update, thanks.

Sherman Shank

Sep 28, 2020

add monitor and alert feature

could you add monitor and alert feature?

Bader Alhousainy

Apr 1, 2020

scrapping data to excel

Hi there
first of all thank you a million for this amazing website, may i know if there is a way to link the information to my google sheet? so i don't need to keep refreshing the site every min to assure the prices and stocks are not changed ?

Google apps