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Ray Cornwall

Mar 7, 2024

Did something change with and the extension?

I've been trying to use the extension on that website for a few days. The extension will load my games from Steam and Epic and Gog, but then the blue box does a little shake, and I don't get a report as to what games I own. I also notice that Fantatical's listing for each game in a bundle look slightly different, so I don't know if they did something that blocks the extension.

Allen Kwan

May 9, 2023

Does the Steam profile need to be public for it to work?

Does the Steam profile or games list need to be public for it to work?

Ray Cornwall

Aug 23, 2022

This extension is now working great for me. Fantastic work. Any chance of adding GreenManGaming?

Ray Cornwall

Jul 14, 2022

Extension not working

I refreshed my cache. I also entered my Steam ID manually. But on Fanatical sites the blue icon on the page just spins and spins. I like what you're trying to do, and I hope you get it to work!

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