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A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 29, 2018


هل هذا التطبيق يدع منصه الماكنتوش

A Chrome Web Store user

May 16, 2017

Open in Background

Normally when highlight text to search in Google or whatever search engine you use and you hold CTRL it opens the page next to the current tab without going to it, basically it opens the tab in the background

It would be great if you could have such a feature too, its great when i want to look up a list of games on steam like when you buy a bundle on Humble Bundle.

Charles Young (chuck4100)

Mar 12, 2017

Combine with ES

Why not just submit commits/combine with Enhanced steam? The ES is author has declared he is open to doing this with the various steam helpers and ES is open.

J C alt dyndns

Mar 5, 2017

Is there a way to integrate support here to sync to git?

Is there a way to integrate support here to sync to git?

Just a thought. That would change the world dude what an idea i just made!

Justin Cram

Google apps