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Jose Gonzalez

Feb 3, 2017

Me ha dejado de funcionar

Me ha dejado de funcionar. Alguna alternativa?

Gökhan Aygün

Jan 5, 2017

Have a js problems.

Hi my friend,

There is a javascript problem about daily and weekly tabs, when I look in the console log .

Can you check it, please.

Nagame Digital

Dec 17, 2016

not working

no longer working. app displays the ? and never loads to the numbers.

Sebastian Wernke-Schmiesing

Dec 17, 2016

Dosn't work anymore

Since yesterday, this plugin doesn't work anymore.

Anatol Locker

Nov 9, 2016

Can’t log in

Since the last Chrome update, I cannot login the GA account anymore.

Michae Thompson

Aug 11, 2016

Multiple Accounts

It would be nice to select and view multiple accounts, as I have 50 analytics accounts.

Alban Angebault

Mar 16, 2016

Working but...


it's working now but i have a problem with the realtime... always searching.

Thank you ;)

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 13, 2016

log in

will not log in ,evry time i log in it still asks to log in

Dm Tab

Mar 8, 2016

Error login

Hi, I'm logged in G Analytics but yesterday appear constant request for re-login to Analytics. I'm log out and log in but this request still appear.

Anton V

Nov 18, 2013

Remove ad in commertial version


Would it be possible to remove all ads in commercial version?

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