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Stash2Go allows you to use Ravelry on the go, on Android devices. It provides access to yarns, projects, patterns and friends.…

Stash2Go allows you to use Ravelry on the go, on Android devices. It provides access to yarns, projects, patterns and friends. Ravelry is the world's largest community for knitters and crocheters. Note that Stash2Go is not affiliated with Ravelry. +++ If you have questions/issues: +++ Free/Lite version is ad based, the full version can be purchased by clicking on the top/right menu, and then "purchase" -- the full version does not have any ads. In particular, it allows you to do the following: * Viewing and updating projects, including upload of photos * Using unlimited row counters per project * Viewing your queue, and starting a project or deleting a queue item * Viewing your needles and hooks * Viewing your favorite projects and patterns (from a project/pattern details page, you can mark new ones as favorites) * Accessing patterns and queueing them or starting new photos based on a pattern incl. thumbnail creation * Accessing projects, queue, favorites, etc. from a friends details page * Accessing all your ravelry friends * Accessing your library of patterns * Accessing friends updates * Allowing to search for yarns, patterns or other people's projects * Accessing your stash incl. upload of pictures, and stashing right from a yarn page * Accessing your subscribed ravelry forums and writing forum posts * Accessing your personal messages and replying to messages * Browsing local yarn stores, or from a different location * Access hot right now patterns right from your home screen using one of the widget (small, medium, large) Note: this is a work in progress, although it progressed quite fast the last weeks. If you'd like to have something changed, please go to the stash2go discussion forum and post it there: **** Please also note that there might be a good reason why a particular functionality is missing, so please really contact me if you miss something. ****

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