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Joel Thomas

Jan 19, 2024

Please don't hijack the tab-bar's CTRL/CMD click (batch) and SHIFT+click (range) selection

I'm honestly a huge fan of the extension, genuinely. However, I can't do random-access multi-selections on my tabs anymore without this extension forcibly interfering with them.

Obviously multiselect is useful for various reasons, scenarios (positioning multiple tabs across a window, detach and migrate to another or new window, bookmarking selected tabs, closing said tabs, reloading those tabs, and aside from those native browser functions I mentioned as an example there are other 3rd party extensions I use which also rely on me selectively highlighting certain tabs to toggle them into an "active" state before taking some action on them, etc etc... and yes, of course, sometimes I multi-select tabs to group them too) but with this extension installed all of those myriad other use-cases kindof fly right out the window :/

You already offer a user-configurable keyboard shortcut (default ⌥G) to manually toggle group creation, so why not add a setting to make this current "auto-group" function optional so that the old/native behavior can still be preserved if users prefer it? #FoodForThought #PleaseAndThankYou

Henrique Matos

Jan 5, 2024

Integration With native Chrome Side Panel

It would be cool for STASH if it had a native integration with Chrome's side panel, just like "Vertical Tabs" does. I think it would be an amazing upgrade, to have this option, offering a more organized and efficient experience for users to manage tabs.

Troy Robinson

Aug 26, 2023

Stash page, list of links of tab group: just click one?

In the Stash tab-view page, when I expand the lists of sites for a tab-group and they vertically expand out. If I click on one of them, the whole group opens. Can we have the option to just click one link in the expanded list and open it in a new tab?

Troy Robinson

Aug 22, 2023

Temporary Bookmark Storage?

Where are the temporary bookmarks stored on our systems? I'm wondering if my computer was to break, are the temporary bookmarks found in their own bookmark folder or something (synced with my Google Chrome Account)?

Troy Robinson

Aug 22, 2023

Open Source

Is your extension open source or could it be? If you have any features you'd like to offload, I'd love to submit contributions to your vision.

Troy Robinson

Aug 21, 2023

Settings Forgot

The app seems to forget settings. I'm not sure what is triggering this, although for example, I would turn off "Collapse inactive tab groups" and "Remove title of active group" and then it will come back on.

Troy Robinson

Aug 20, 2023

Tabs not registering

Another situation where tabs don't register is when you restart your computer. If you have tab groups that were still opened before you reset and Chrome restores those groups, they are not registered as opened in Stash, and the existing tab groups in Chrome don't link with the tab groups now in Stash storage.

Troy Robinson

Aug 19, 2023

Situations where tab groups don't save on close.

There are a few situations where tab groups don't save on-close. I haven't fully discerned them all, although one is when I have a tab group and then I select tabs within that tab group and (alt-g) create a new tab group from out of the existing tab group, the new tab group is not registered in Stash.

Troy Robinson

Aug 19, 2023

Merge Tab Groups

What would you think about having the option, when you select tab groups from the overview interface, to merge selected tab groups into one group? Whichever group is selected first could be the name kept. This name could be confirmed with a dialog. I think that this feature would help consolidation and ease maintenance.

Gary Peebles

Mar 9, 2023


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