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asma bader

Mar 24, 2023

SSL checker website

I really like the extension it's amazing and helpful! I would like to ask if provide an API to use it in JS?

thank you

Quintin Beukes

Nov 30, 2017

MITM Attack Not Detected

I noticed SSL Checker uses to fetch the certificate details.

One use case for your fantastic extension is to be able to easily see who issued a certificate to protect myself against MITM attacks. Though in a MITM scenario will see a different certificate than the one sent to the browser.

Some of the networks I work on uses MITM for deep inspection of HTTPS traffic, and the SSL Checker completely misses this, showing a different certificate's information than the one used by my browser (because sslchecker fetches from the destination host, and the browser received it's certificate from a transparent proxy, eg. Websense)

Please e-mail me on then I can explain more and send screenshots. The community needs a chrome extension that will make it easy to detect whether an SSL connection is truly a secret. Your extension seemed to be the closest to this, but it doesn't give an accurate indication of the SSL session established between the server and browser. And Chrome's built in certificate views requires too many clicks to access this critical information. A simple toolbar button to see the SSL details in use would be ideal.

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