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Marcia Boyd

Mar 31, 2024

easy links to calendar, g drive, contacts

Hello, where can I find easy links to the calendar, G drive, contacts, etc.?

Pamela H.S

Mar 24, 2024

remove google logo

can you please help me how do I remove the google logo so i can see the bird theme it ruins it. Thank you

Thương Trong

Mar 12, 2024


yêu hmoob nhất

Sheri Murl

Mar 10, 2024

Cannot apply theme.

For some reason my computer will not apply themes. It says it needs a browser update. Is there anyway I can fix this problem?

Denise Moser

May 3, 2020

Chrome address bar black

when I change to this theme, the address bar goes to dark (black). If I reset to default then its back to white. I have changed color settings in windows to light, but that didn't help

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