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Ilayda Firat

Apr 3, 2024

Not working

Hey, the button is there and I can shift it put the speed does not change whatsoever.

Korra 888

Mar 31, 2024

Just a question, have you thought of making an extension like this for Firefox?

I really like this extension and have been using it for a while, but I've been thinking of switching over to Firefox recently. Have you thought about making an extension for Firefox that is similar to this?

Pablo Pico

Feb 21, 2024

Not working now

this extension is great but it simply stopped working

Emi Garcia

Nov 29, 2023

Speed Lag and Pitch No Longer Changing

Hi! I love this extension very much and use it whenever I'm home. It had been a few days since I last used it, and today I noticed that when I change the speed, it takes about 10-20 seconds before the speed changes, as well as the pitch no longer changes along with the speed as it usually does when the "preserve pitch" option is turned off. This was my favorite feature of this extension. Without it, it is locked in the "preserve pitch" option. I do not like this as it sounds very unnatural and choppy. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension, as well as using different chromium based browsers. I am using an Apple OS device. I really hope this gets fixed soon, as I cannot use it otherwise.


Nov 12, 2023

Spotify Playback speed extension

Spotify playback speed.
This is a fantastic extension that allows me to practice violin along with orchestra or folk music along with the band which is just too fast played by the professionals. It has recently just stopped working and I can't see why ?


Sep 21, 2023

New version

Could you send an update for a new version (like a stand-alone app) that can be available on other browsers?

סאשה ריבלין

Aug 19, 2023


Hi, thanks for this graet extention! It doesn't work for me after the update too, can you please look into this?

El Yisus503

Aug 19, 2023


i updated today but not working

Geovanni Gómez

Aug 18, 2023

it wont work

the extension won't pop up


Aug 18, 2023

Still no button!

Opera says the extension is on version 1.9 which would include the fix but the button is still not appearing. Tried the same in Edge. Same case.

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