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Dario Mazzorin

Jan 12, 2021

Open vv connection file

Hi, I'd like to use this app with proxmox. When I ask for a SPICE console to VM it produces a *.vv files that are supposed to be opened with virt-viewer.

Is it possible?

Riccardo Paolo Bestetti

Sep 19, 2018

Mouse is permanently captured in certain situations

In remote systems with mouse support sometimes the mouse is permanently trapped. For example, doing a remote FreeBSD installation results in the mouse being trapped in the client window as the installer continuously resets the mouse position to the center of the screen. A option should be added for disabling mouse support.

Jeremy Tourville

Feb 18, 2018

encryption support

Based on logs it appears this client is running ssl v2 and v3. Does it support TLS? If so, how do you configure it?

A Chrome Web Store user

May 18, 2017

No keyboard events passed

The app connects well and I can push buttons and start applications but the keyboard events do not get passed and I can't type into an xterm or a URL.

Arie Skliarouk

Feb 9, 2017

Embed login/password/port into single URL

Can the spice client intercept urls like this and act on them?

Then I can bookmark hosts I use nicely..

Luke Sanderson

Oct 20, 2016


hi there, is websockify supposed to be running on the server or client?

сергей чернов

Feb 7, 2016


небольшую инструкцию для регистрации начала пользования продуктом

parvesh Rajput

Jan 31, 2016


Maleena Barrientos

Jan 21, 2016


why woun't let me login

ese que sabes

Sep 11, 2015



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