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Thangadurai Selvaraj

Feb 5, 2023

Premium subscription not available

Hi, I have already subscribed videorder no. CWS.5764-2375-0292-49446. At that time it was mentioned , the payment was one time . Please continue to provide the service.

John Tanner

Jan 5, 2023

Speech notes extension

1. How do I get a new clean page to begin additional dictation?

2- I am having frequent unwanted word or phrase duplication while dictating.

Erik Holst

Jul 29, 2022

How do I say "new line" in Swedish?

Dear Sir/Madam,

The web version of Speechnotes doesn't seem to work in Firefox. The microphone icon does not appear. In Google Chrome I can ask for an "exclamation mark", a "question mark" or a "new line" in English and get it. However, if I dictate in Swedish I have to ask for these symbols in English. In the android app I can dictate in Swedish and ask for an "utropstecken" (!) and a "frågetecken" (?) and get it, but if I ask for a "ny rad" (a new line) the app just writes the words "ny rad". To get a new line I have to say "new line" in English, or is there another way using my voice and microphone?

In the android app I can download UK English for offline use, whereas Swedish doesn't seem to be available. However, when I am offline I can't make UK English work, although I have downloaded that language. Does only US English work when I'm offline?

Yours faithfully,

Erik Holst

DeLois Robison

Mar 2, 2022

Additional Commands

Great app! Can I do other things, like make lines (like this ____)? Thank you.

Chandra Vijay Singh [C V SINGH]

Aug 2, 2021

Again asking for premium paid amount

I have purchased iit premium but again it is asking for money.
please solve it

Leonid Goldin

Jul 23, 2021


Dictate in Russian, comes in English characters, what to do?

Daniel Baker

Dec 10, 2020

Installed when logged in with wrong google account

Installed on my obviously special use google: reallydisgruntledrepublican at gmail
Not available on my mainly used account I use 99% of the time.
My mainly used account is danielbaker25 at gmail
How can I get it onto the latter without buying another one.

Rupert Greenlees

Sep 8, 2020

Help - lost my work - please help me recover it !

finished transcribing and went to copy and paste it into word but pressed ctrl v instead of ctrl c by mistake and now it is gone and not showing in autorecover save etc

Chris (cg)

Jul 5, 2020


Dear Sir or Madam,

i bought credits for 11 hours of a German recording, which i uploaded, but did not receive a transcript!

Error message says - "FAILED_TRANSCRIBING_STATUS" (see screenshot attached)

in case the upload was faulty i uploaded the file to gdrive, here the link:

Please fix that and send me the transcript for which i payed you.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,
Christian Liebig

Smitha Raikar

Mar 24, 2020

My Dictation

I clicked save session. Not able to find my work

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