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Leonhard Oliver Wolf

Mar 14, 2024

Wie kann ich das Abo kündigen.

Ich finde die Entfernung der Zensierung von Wörtern zu aufwendig. Das funktioniert bei einer anderen App durch einen Klick.
Ansonsten, war ich zufrieden, aber daran solltet Ihr arbeiten.
Liebe Grüsse und viel Erfolg weiterhin!

Tony A ONE

Aug 8, 2023

Multiple key press

Firstly just letting you know it now works as it used to, thank you so much.

Additionally could you give me some advice how I can get SRA to press the enter and keys simultaneously? The reason being that on some websites including facebook pressing the enter key submits comment but the ENTER+ALT key combination starts a new line, and when I use the existing new line phrase It also just submits the comment.
Thank you

Tony A ONE

Jul 30, 2023

deleted text

Hi Jeff I'm still having the same issue on facebook where if I want to correct something in a a sentence SRA just delete all previous text following the correction , I tried the Voice In - Speech-To-Text Dictation extension and it does not have this issue, and SRA never used to have this problem, so I'm wondering if you have the same problem or there is some setting I need to change, any assistance will be greatly appreciated, regards Tony

Lu F

Jun 20, 2023


gostaria do reembolso

Jessica Titzer

May 21, 2023

small letters

Is it possible to set the program so that everything is only written in small letters?

Adam York

Apr 22, 2023

Not inserting text into Google Docs

After I click on the extension and it starts picking up my voice, I open a new tab with a google doc in it. I can see the text I am speaking show up in yellow boxes on the upper left hand of the browser window, but the text just disappears. It is not inserted into the Google Doc. Any suggestions on how to get it to insert the text into the doc?

Dominic H

Apr 17, 2023

zensierung aufheben

Hallo und schönen guten Tag ich wollte fragen ob es eine möglichkeit gibt die Zensierung von Wörtern abzuschalten , sprich das keine ************** mehr kommen ?


Lg Dominic

Fadi Zakzouk

Apr 15, 2023

Very slow

Why is it very slow? It worked fine with the right microphone and I was very happy with it but the last couple of day it become very slow why?

Rich Navarra

Feb 12, 2023


pgm stays Initializing...i have only 1 page can i re-Initializing...without rebooting

claudia Günther

Jan 9, 2023

ich möchte ein anderen browser

ich möchte einen neuen browser benutzen mit einer anderen mail adresse. leider sagt er mir da das ich die version kaufen muss. kann man das auch einstellen das es nicht so ist? denn noch mal kaufen will ich es nicht

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