SpeakIt! - Text to speech for Chrome
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Haben Sie genug vom Lesen? SpeakIt wandelt Text in Sprache um, so dass Sie sich Texte vorlesen lassen kцnnen.

SpeakIt reads selected text using Text-to-Speech technology with language auto-detection. It can read text in more than 50 languages. Usage: - First select the text you want it to read. - Then click the icon to start listening. - When it is ready to read, the number of sentences is shown on the icon. - To stop listening at any time click pause NOTE: - After installation you may need to restart Chrome so SpeakIt can function correctly - This extension uses Google and iSpeech text-to-speech service. Please visit http://goo.gl/OOVgp to see if it is accessible to you. Known Issues: - don't work on some encrypted web pages ( https:// ) and Chrome web store Some of the data collected from you in connection with your use of this add-on/extension/app, as applicable, is shared or otherwise made available to third parties with whom we are affiliated, and is collected, stored and used in accordance with the third-party privacy policy set forth at http://addons-privacy.com/ ChangeLog: New in v 0.2.98: - Small bug fixes - Fixed update bug - Making preparations for major new version release ( SpeakIt! v0.3 ) New in v 0.2.4: - Switched to Chrome lang detect API due to Google translate API has been deprecated (SpeakIt now detect input language by language of whole page not only selected text :( :( ) - Improved how SpeakIt! splits sentences, now it stops on right places and pronunciation is much better. - Added internationalization support. SpeakIt! is now localized on 12 languages. - Fixed some small bugs New in v 0.2.3: - Implemented new Chrome TTS API - Added offline (native) TTS support - Added feature to add and configure new TTS engines/voices - Fixed some bugs New in v 0.2.2: - Added keyboard shortcut support - Added context menu support - Added new features in options page - Fixed some bugs New in v 0.2.1: - Added Speech Input feature ( Speech to Text ) enable from options - Changed User Graphical Interface, SpeakIt now use Zen audio player which i hope you will like it ;) - Fixed lot of bugs that caused previous version of SpeakIt to end in middle of reading - Added Options feature - Added donations button ( can be hidden from options menu ) If you like the extension please rate it.

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