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Mark Kamoski

Sep 1, 2022

How can one make it read faster?

Can it be done?

Сергей Дюмин

Nov 12, 2021

A good extension has died

Until today, the extension worked fine, I would even put a 5 plus.
But today reading is carried out only for the first 216 characters – why?
Besides, the voice has changed.
Until today, a pleasant and clear voice pronounced text of any size.
Who is to blame that everything went wrong today?
Maybe Google is freaking out?
If so, then I will have to look for another extension, because I need to listen to texts for work.

Is it possible to fix the problem, because I really like the old extension?

Question from Russia (translated from Russian to English by Yandex translator).
Thanks for attention.

Dietmar Bagwitz

Sep 13, 2021

Vorlese Problem

liest nur wenige Zeilen und bricht dann ab.

Connie Fox

Mar 19, 2021

Read the whole page

Is there a way to just have it read the whole page without having to highlight the text? Thanks!

Andi Munn

Feb 13, 2021

cut out

I have been using this app for about 2 months now. I enjoy the fact that it sounds much more human like than most other apps that I have used. But the down fall is the constant cutting out or stopping after about 30-50 words. Its very difficult to maintain focus with the speaking if it continuous stops in the middle of the highlighted section. Please I hope that this issue can be resolved quickly as other users have stated the same issue repeatedly and nothing still has changed.

Cesar Hui±api Peralta

Feb 2, 2021


Apenas puede leer 34 palabras como máximo, no me sirve

Christian de Bellefeuille

Dec 11, 2020

Shortcuts not working

Apparently, the shrotcuts that we define in SpeakIt doesn't work. I've seen this on Chrome, and now i'm trying Edge, and the problem is there too. It's a serious turn off... i like this application a lot but having to Select the text, Then go in the upper-right corner to click the SpeakIt icon within a bunch of extenions is just time consuming.

Pawel Por

Nov 8, 2020

Shortcuts do not work

I like your app a lot. Though I found that with most recent version the shortcuts do not work. I use Windows 10 desktop fully updated. When I configure a shortcut e.g. ctrl+alt+f it does not work when a text to read is highlighted. It works well when I use "SpeakIt!" from a context menu on a selected text. It also fully works with one year old version of SpeakIt on the same machine.
Best Regards,

Eleonora Gugliotta

Jun 7, 2020

aumentare la velocità di lettura

Visto che c'è una limitazione sul testo nella versione di lettura di google italiano, dare almeno la possibilità di velocizzare la voce originale "Speakit!". Spero di essere stata chiara....

Ram U

Feb 22, 2017

Voice breaks off

Randomly the Text To Speech stops after a few words. Not sure what the issue might be.

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