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Dictate with ease anywhere on the web using auto-editing by resaying, automatic punctuation and other conveniences.

Experience next-generation intuitive dictation on the web using these innovations: Auto-Editing by Resaying Easily correct misheard words or phrases, or rephrase text simply by resaying. No mouse, keyboard or voice commands needed. Speak! will intuitively locate and amend the relevant text, adjusting punctuation as necessary. You can easily correct this way, for instance, the mishearing "Catch the police find" of "Attached please find," or rephrase "Love is all we need" as "All you need is love." Beyond corrections and rephrasing, you can use this feature to also format your text — to capitalize words, encase phrases in quotes or parentheses, modify punctuation, and more. Intuitive Dictation Auto-editing by resaying makes dictation more natural and user-friendly. Like any new skill, it requires some practice and may not always perfectly interpret your intent. Should an unintended edit occur, you could easily undo it by simply pressing Ctrl-Z (Cmd-Z on Mac) or saying "Undo replacement". Real-time Auto-Correction Speak! proactively addresses many common slips of the tongue and dictation errors in real time, ensuring smoother communication. Auto-Punctuation As you dictate, correct by resaying or make other edits by voice, punctuation is automatically applied and adjusted. Auto-Adjustment Inserting a new phrase via dictation? The surrounding text auto-adjusts for capitalization, redundant words, and punctuation. Automatic Language Switching Multilingual users, rejoice! This feature automatically switches between your preferred languages based on the current context, for example, based on who you are chatting with in messaging apps like WhatsApp. Convenient Shortcuts Effortlessly switch dictation on or off with a double-click in any text field or on a blank area of the webpage. This feature needs to be turned on after the extension is installed. Alternatively, utilize a handy keyboard shortcut for quick access. Voice Commands for Editing and Formatting: Undo/Redo — undoes/redoes the last inserted transcript or auto-edit. Undo replacement or Undo correction — undoes the last auto-edit and appends the transcript as new text. Formatting: Use commands like "in quotes," "in parentheses," "capitalized," and "all caps" to format your speech instantly. For instance, when you say "in quotes Indiana Jones", the resulting text will appear as “Indiana Jones”. You may use these commands on selected text too. Issue Reporting and Suggestions: Encounter an issue? Select the text, say "report," and a form will appear where you can detail the problem and include the relevant utterances. Emoticons with Voice: Express yourself with over 50 emoticons, like "happy face" for 😊 or "grinning face" for 😁, using voice commands. For detailed guidance and tips, visit our website: https://kredor.com/products/speak. Please note: A few websites like Google Docs and Word Online don't use regular text fields or have microphone access limitations that may affect Speak's functionality.

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Frank HayesApr 10, 2024

I love how accurate it is however, as I was talking the words would not stay in the text field I was writing in. Is there a fix for this?

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Orlin TodorovDeveloperApr 11, 2024

Please reach out to us at support@kredor.com with the url of site on which you are encountering the problem and, if possible, the steps to reproduce. We will investigate. It shouldn't happen.

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Deeper With DiegoApr 6, 2024

Doesn't work on Vivaldi.

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Orlin TodorovDeveloperApr 10, 2024

Yes, the extension only works with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Other browsers unfortunately lack the necessary functionality.

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g ninjaMar 2, 2024

i'm pretty scared i saw "OM SO (OmSo73)" say that this only works for a limited time if that's the case then this is an immediate one star. I'll keep you updated.

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