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Cody Currier

Jan 2, 2017

no plug in found

How can you play when there isn't a plug in? It appears when you win lots finally they removed Heart and Spades. I can go else where but will report higher up. TYVM

Priscilla Roebuck

Jul 19, 2016

no problem

I would like to give this five stars great game keep up the great work.

Sylvia Edwards

Jul 13, 2016


monkey is dumb and neve help partner go to pogo and see how this game is played and adject accourtly
the dog are dumb to but u can help them play with u on pogo come play me no SEX TALK just joke and have fun my pogo name is mrsabsolu619 come have fun and it is FREE

Betty Rogers

Mar 2, 2016

running scores

can your program keep scores and add compounded scores ?

Christopher Bass

Feb 6, 2016


It took me awhile to get used to them.
I really don't like the avatars of all the players, why don't you allow the player a choice of avatar, I might not like your choices, it would be nice if I could change them all as and when. it would help if I could enlarge the page as the graphics are quite small
since I have only played one game so far these are the only comments I have for now

Richard Rachel

Oct 23, 2015

Flaw in ;your program.

I played a game yesterday and had a problem. I ended up with the lead and had only spades in my hand. Spades had not been broken. Your program would not let me lead a spade. Why not?

Eugene Rogliano

Jun 27, 2015

the monkey

this game is usually 3 against one. Who ever wrote the code has no concept of how to play.
When ever the others cut they do so with the highest spade in there hand. Dumb! The monkey has got to go change his pants, cus he is full of ,,,,

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 11, 2015


If I bid nil, monkey does not always cover my card when he has higher. The other problem is when all cards have played except spades and no spades have been played on others, game will not let you play a spade, even though that is all that is left in my hand

George Spears Jr.

Nov 14, 2014

I am not looking for love!George Spears Jr.

I do not need to look for a woman,I just want to play the game. George Spears Jr.

Rose Ann

Oct 31, 2014


He is good sometimes but when you bid nil he screws you over and does not help you what-so-ever. You should also allow the player who is bidding nil to also bid blind nil and pass 2 cards like in the real spades game.???

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